Monday, August 29, 2016

He's Back!

It's time to return... back to work, back to blogging, but in a new home.

Some things have changed.  New job, back to the work of history, still trying to make it awesome.  New challenges like standards-based grading, more students, new standards, and higher expectations are part of my new job.  But some of my ideas came with me.  I'm working to update my XP System to incorporate a gigantic game of Risk.  I even found a game board online that I turned into a giant, magnetic board that is now fabulously mounted on my wall.  That picture is to come, but here's the entire map:

I combined it with my XP System so that kids can rank up and take command in the field against the other classes I teach each day.  The battle is preparing to rage as each class is set on destroying the others through their effort, hard work, participation, and positive choices.  Take a look at how it works:

Stay tuned for more updates.  It's good to be back!

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