Monday, May 11, 2015

I'll Take Engagement for $1200

So I remade my Jeopardy template and am loving it.  The kids do too.  We had a game settled by $100 the other day after the final clue.  I thought kids might have to go to the office they were so mad that they lost.

What do you put on that referral form?  Overengaged?

Sometimes the formatting gets messed up because you may have to install a few fonts.  I tried to make it look authentic.  So if you need those, here they are, along with the template:

Fonts and the Template

The categories on the board are written in Swiss 911.  The dollar amounts on the board are also.

The clues are written in Korinna.

If you install the fonts and then open up the PowerPoint, you shouldn't have trouble.  But it looks good when it's finished:

Here's to hoping you have better luck getting your students to answer in a form of a question... and better yet why you have to do so in the first place.

Take care,

Mr. J.

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