Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Student Contract

Happy Summer!

I have finished another campaign through the adventure that is middle school.  With summer now upon me, I can start to work on grad school, next year, and preparing for Baby J to get here in October!

But I was at the doctor this morning and of course they were behind schedule.  I had mentioned before my ideas of "leveling" up and badges.  While I sat there this morning I came up with what I think is the answer to making this system work.

I have always graded on points.  So if each point earned is an "experience point," then I can set targets for leveling up.  With my flipped videos and hopefully differentiated reading assignments all going at one in my room, some students are going to get done quicker than others.  They can either be bored, pacified, or enriched!

So what I decided this morning is that students who complete work early will be able to contract out assignments for additional experience.  For example, a student may be interested in slavery.  He/She would contract out an assignment with me to research their topic and then produce some kind of product.  I would love it if these contributions may even become part of my videos down the road.

We would agree on a due date, points available, and how the assignment would be assessed.  Then the student would go off and be busy enriching themselves while others work at their pace.  The points they earn would go toward the experience they earn, as well as would count toward their grade.

This is what I'm thinking it will look like:

This student contract idea I think will work out well.  I'd love some feedback or suggestions however so spread the word on my blog and feel free to comment!

But alas, it's time for me to go fix my pool.  Can't start summer until I do.

Here's to all you do-

Mr. J.

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